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Masjid-e-Imdadiah in Manchester

Islam is the fastest-growing religion in United Kingdom. Like other cities of United Kingdom, a large number of Muslim individuals are living in Manchester. Mosques in Manchester are the glorious example of the unity of Muslims who practicing different faiths of Islam but stay together as a Muslim. The majority of Muslims come to Masjid-e-Imdadiah in Manchester, do believe in the Deobandi faith of Islam. Muslims of other branches of Islam like Barelvi Muslims, Sunni Muslims, and Ahl-e-Hadees Muslims also come to Masjid-e-Imdadiah and perform their religious obligations.

Masjid-e-Imdadiah has a very unique recognition in the area because of its Islam friendly activities. You are by birth Muslim or recently converted to Islam, Masjid-e-Imdadiah is the best institute to learn Islamic education in Manchester. At Mosque Finder UK platform now it’s easy to check Masjid-e-Imdadiah prayer time, salah time, namaz time and also this platform help you find out mosque near me in Old Trafford Manchester or If you want to learn the Quran or want to get the basic knowledge about Islam then you are just a step away from your destination.

About Mosque Finder:

Mosque Finder UK is a platform for the Muslims living in Manchester to stay updated about Namaz time in Manchester, Salah time in Manchester and prayer times in Manchester. Here you can search simply Mosques near me or Sunni Mosques near me, Brailvi Mosques near me and Ahl-e-Hadees Mosques near me. In Ramadan, visit and get daily updated Sohar Times and Iftar Times according to your faith and belief. We are always here to update you about Ramadan Time table, Taraweeh prayer time in Manchester and Eid prayer time in Manchester.

Masjid-e-Imdadiah Prayer Times

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  • Maghrib namaz time in Manchester
  • Isha namaz time in Manchester
  • Jummah namaz time in Manchester


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