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Find Mosques in Redditch, England, United Kingdom

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Redditch is a charming town, and local government district in north-east Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom. There are around one lac and ten thousand individuals live in Redditch, many of them are Muslims. Masjid Noor and Masjid AlBirr and  Jamia Masjid Noor are the mosques in Redditch, from where Muslims learn about their religion and do worship. There are many people are interested to discover all mosques in Redditch, that’s why we have created this platform for those individuals' help. By using this platform, it's also easy to get information like Hijri calendar 2020, today sehri time in Redditch, today iftar time in Redditch, also find out today namaz timetable in Redditch and get the nearest mosque near me now in Redditch.