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Find Mosques in Guildford, England, United Kingdom

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Guildford is an elegant town in southern England, United Kingdom. The population of Guildford approximately one and a half lac, many among them are Muslim. As we know it’s a large town and Muslims are living in different areas of Guildford, for Muslims, there are available mosques in different areas of Guildford like Jumu'ah salaah, Guildford Islamic Soc both are mosques in Guildford. Mosque finder UK is the best place to find mosques in Guildford, as well as individuals, can find Guildford mosque address, contact number of Guildford mosques, get nearest mosque direction around you in Guildford, Ramadan calendar Guildford 2020, today prayer time in Guildford, prayer times table in Guildford, new Islamic calendar, today sehri time in Guildford and today iftar time in Guildford.